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Hydroganics is an exciting ‘hydrocompost’ solution. It offers a major groundcover alternative for property developers, commercial landscapers, infrastructure contractors, government agencies and mine owners and contractors seeking to stabilise and rehabilitate land. Clients benefit from an affordable, high-quality compost-based germination media and erosion control solution not previously available in the market. With excellent flexibility to site requirements, Hydroganics has been successfully used on civil infrastructure projects as a topsoil-free solution, approved as a variation to the MRTS16 specification.


Hydroganics is the first of its kind to combine:

  • Germination media using NuGrow’s industry-­leading compost, with up to 20 times the organic material of traditional hydromulch
  • Wet application, supporting instant activation of binding agents/tackifiers
  • Seed optimisation, embedding seeds directly in the germination media for faster growth
  • Instant erosion control and soil protection, supported by the fibre-­based matrix
  • Options for MRTS16 compliance

Fast facts

  • Ensuring cost-­effective application of the germination media at 3mm to 15mm deep
  • Reducing sacrificial seed through an optimised seed density and depth
  • Enabling application rates of up to 10,000m2 per day

Hydroganics is available at budget, traditional and premium levels based on client objectives and site requirements, determined in consultation with a Hydroganics representative. This gives maximum flexibility in pricing and delivers a service that is neither ‘over-­specified’ nor compromised.

All sites are assessed to inform a tailored solution including seed mixes. Clients then have the option of soil testing and incorporating wetting agents and ameliorants in the single pass application. The Hydroganics team can collaborate with soil scientists, ecologists and seed experts to guide this tailoring process.

Application rates are impressively fast, with the added advantage of easy access around difficult terrain. Once applied, the benefits of the specialised compost come to the fore, featuring slow-­release nutrients – particularly nitrogen and phosphorous – and an injection of organic carbon back into the soil. This re-­builds soil structure, organic matter and fertility, creating long-­term value. Furthermore, when the Hydroganics process is followed, ongoing maintenance for clients is generally minimised.

“A major erosion control
and land rehabilitation

CS Hyd Olsen 1
CS_Hyd_Olsen 1
CS_Hyd_Olsen 2

Olsen Avenue road upgrade, Gold Coast
Georgiou Group

This project targeted long-term batter stabilisation spanning a 2,500m2site with extremely poor soil. Hydroganics delivered a superior, topsoil-free solution to the originally-specified use of imported topsoil and double-pass hydromulch. Cover crop and native seeds were injected as the organics were applied at a rate of 100m3/ha. The site quickly stabilised, native species germinated within three weeks. Within 20 months, natives were flourishing with extensive germination up to 3m tall.


Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, Toowoomba
HL Landscapes for Nexus

Hydroganics was used for almost 50ha of some of Australia’s most extreme construction landscape, including 100m-tall batters, at 45° angles, with multiple benches. Traditional revegetation methods weren’t possible for environmental, safety or cost reasons. Despite high temperatures and multiple extreme weather events, immediate erosion control was achieved and growth since has been successful, including where works integrated with rock-fall wire netting and erosion control matting.

CS Hyd Rosewood 1
CS_Hyd_Rosewood 1
CS_Hyd_Rosewood 2

Warrill View Road, Rosewood
All Roads

Our client had originally specified a topsoil/turf and topsoil/bonded fibre matrix hydromulch combination for this 11,000m2site. Hydroganics offered a topsoil-free solution for stabilising and vegetating roadside drains as part of a shoulder widening project. Rapid establishment was needed due to the high risk of storm damage, with our team increasing the tackifier used and heavily watering the area to promote fast germination. Results were outstanding and achieve all client objectives.

CS Hyd Tinana 1
CS_Hyd_Tinana 1
CS_Hyd_Tinana 2

Bruce Highway interchange, Tinana
Georgiou Group

We were brought in to stabilise and vegetate 28,000m2of roadside batters around the interchange upgrade, using Hydroganics at 100m3/ha to deliver a topsoil-free solution. The project featured a combination of fill and cut batters with highly varied properties. Our team used two amelioration regimes to deliver tailored treatment results – both of which quickly stabilised and saw positive growth soon after. Our team’s efficiency saw us safely working in and around live traffic for a fast solution.