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Churchill Abattoir

125,000 litres of sludge removed | 35 hours to complete | Delivered during a planned shutdown, eliminating operational downtime

Churchill Abattoir contracted NuGrow to provide an industrial cleaning solution to remove all sludge and fat from the treatment process area including pumps and pipework. The on-site water treatment system had filled with sludge and sand over time. This was having a detrimental effect on the treatment of water and needed efficient removal with tight time constraints. However, Churchill Abattoir also wanted the confidence their waste was going to be beneficially reused and not taken to landfill.

The solution

One of NuGrow’s business development managers met with contractors on site to inform the best approach to complete the project. Leveraging their experience, they knew the job had only one practical solution using three specialised tools. All sludge from the water treatment system, and dried grease from the storage tank, was removed using a vacuum semi, a supa-sucker and a high pressure water blasting unit. This specialist equipment aided in the timely completion of the job, removing 125,000 litres of waste using minimal on-site water. The contract was delivered well under the client’s original budget and in less time than originally estimated. The waste was transported to one of NuGrow’s recycling facilities for beneficial re-use in high-grade compost products.

Churchill Abattoir