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Springfield Lakes water main upgrade

Client:              Lend Lease
Location:         Springfield Lakes
Site size:          2,500m2

Lend Lease was constructing a water main through bushland for a major property development. The team wanted a new solution to revegetate the site, having previously faced unsuccessful seeding attempts and the high expense of topsoil, tube stock and mulching methods. Hydroganics presented a new seeding method, a huge cost saving compared to tube stock planting and the benefits of a topsoil-free solution that would minimise long-term maintenance. The site presented three soil types ranging from backfill gravel to dispersive subgrade to topsoil. Soil testing resulted in adding gypsum to the Hydroganics compost (10t/ha) to ameliorate the subgrade. The seed mix was designed to mimic the surrounding native vegetation, including grasses, shrubs and trees. The successful application saw cover crop germinating within five days and natives starting to germinate after six weeks. In addition, despite the site incurring two significant weather events in the first three weeks after application, minimal damage occurred, proving the resilience of Hydroganics under tough conditions.

Pre-application - Facing East
Pre-application - Facing East Post-application – Facing East 3 Weeks – Facing East Post-application – Facing South 3 Weeks – Facing South