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We see waste as a resource and an opportunity to improve our environment. The products we create and services we deliver raise the bar on quality and sustainability, providing competitive solutions with greater environmental value than most alternatives. We offer the advantage of a one-stop-shop, from recycler to product manufacturer to service provider. Clients benefit from greater performance and cost-efficiency due to our:

  • Award-winning, advanced organics technology
  • Rigorously-tested, high-quality products
  • Innovative, research-driven solutions
  • Expert, passionate team and specialist network.

We offer four main services to clients:

  • Waste transport – clients gain the advantage of a cost-effective, safe and efficient waste transport solution
  • Waste processing and recycling – our four industry-leading facilities can accept a wide range of organic and inorganic waste streams
  • NuGrow manufactured compost and soil supply – NuGrow has developed a range of proprietary compost, soil conditioner and potting mix products created from the waste streams treated at our facilities
  • Land rehabilitation and rejuvenation – we offer complete lifecycle rehabilitation services including removal of contaminated soil, treatment and soil improvement and reinstatement onsite as certified, contaminant-free soil
Redirect, recycle, reuse

NuGrow provides waste transport solutions via our in-house fleet and trusted subcontractors. There are no limits to the types or quantities of waste we can transport, creating a streamlined, end-to-end service. Our transport services leverage our extensive experience and commitment to maintaining close working relationships with our clients. Clients, in turn, benefit from cost-effective, safe and efficient waste transport solutions.

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NuGrow waste transport

The continued growth of populations around the world is creating unsustainable rates of waste production and disposal. This is placing pressure on traditional waste management infrastructure, such as landfills, and demands new strategies for managing waste. NuGrow’s waste recycling facilities are a dynamic alternative to landfills. They convert a wide range of organic and inorganic wastes into beneficial products.

NuGrow’s facilities, with competitive rates, convenient operating hours and efficient waste disposal infrastructure designed for optimal unloading, are sought after by leading companies and transport providers. They save our clients time and money.

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NuGrow recycling

Swanbank – 250,000,000L

  • Available capacity
  • Capacity in operation

Gracemere – 130,000,000L

  • Available capacity
  • Capacity in operation

Roma – 100,000,000L

  • Available capacity
  • Capacity in operation

Kogan – 100,000,000L

  • Available capacity
  • Capacity in operation

Our facilities can accept a wide range of wastes including but not limited to:

  • Greenwaste
  • Sewage sludge
  • CSG drilling muds and fluids
  • Fertiliser and fertiliser washings
  • Treatment tank sludges
  • Food manufacturing waste
  • Amorphous silica sludge
  • Fly ash and ash water
  • Molasses
  • Lime and cement slurry
  • Stormwater and stormwater residues
  • Grease trap waste
  • Animal manures
  • Directional drilling mud and waters
  • Contaminated soil
  • Ammonium nitrate washings
  • Car wash water
  • Filter cake and presses
  • Landfill leachate
  • Water-based inks, paints and dyes
  • Offal
  • Oily water and sludges

If you have a waste not mentioned above, please contact NuGrow to discuss your requirements.

NuGrow converts waste streams into high-grade composts, premium soils, soil conditioners and potting mixes. These are used for land rehabilitation projects delivered by our team, including as a growing medium or replacement for synthetic fertilisers. They rejuvenate degraded land by improving ecological and biological integrity through improved soil fertility and micro-life. Our products are recognised for their quality and reliability and are preferred by numerous local and national companies for their ability to achieve impressive results.

We wholly manufacture all of the products we supply. Each undergoes laboratory testing and independent analysis to monitor stability and performance prior to market release. The rigour of our systems and controls means clients can enjoy total confidence in the quality of our products. Our team also works closely with soil scientists to maintain a consistently high standard. Our expert sales managers ensure we recommend the right products for each project and environment.

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NuGrow high-grade products

NuGrow offers an end-to-end land rehabilitation service, from initial desktop study and soil testing, to recommending and creating a site-specific soil mix, to managing application and ongoing monitoring. From highway upgrades and pipeline easements, to pasture improvement and farmland rehabilitation, proven results speak for themselves.

Our team understands the importance of carefully managing the process and outcomes of rehabilitation and remediation work. We ensure the local community and environment are protected at every stage of the process to deliver safe, quality results.

These services include Hydroganics, an exciting new ‘hydrocompost’ solution from NuGrow.

For more information on our rehabilitation services, please contact our team today.

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