The missing ingredient to counter climate change is in the trash …

As a collective population, we need to change our thinking about waste – and a new book is challenging each one of us to think differently about the concepts of discarded materials and their economic value.

“The Waste Between Our Ears” by Queanbeyan’s Gerry Gillespie, explains why and how we need to make a change, and helps us to rethink waste in order to create a global solution for our current environmental crisis. And a solution is desperately needed, as the World Bank believes that based on current statistics, global waste will increase by 70% by 2050 unless urgent action is taken.

Gerry Gillespie is an internationally renowned thinker and practitioner on compost, recycling and waste reduction and has worked internationally in a wide variety of roles ensuring the recovery and reuse of waste. He has a particular focus on the reuse of organics to soil – a subject that is particularly close to our hearts here at NuGrow.

The time we have left to create effective change is diminishing. Scientists report that we only have a few decades of farming seasons left because we have actively degraded our soils to such a great extent. It’s a dire situation, and we must find a way to change our thinking and take action. Have a read of this book if you get a chance.

“The Waste Between Our Ears” is published by Acres Australia and is available from Amazon or Booktopia. You can read more here.