NuGrow is Queensland’s leader in recycling and revegetation excellence. We thrive on the opportunity of delivering competitive, tailored solutions, driven by our purpose of healthier environments, supporting healthier communities. As we all seek greater environmental, social and economic value, our own industries face ongoing change and innovation. That excites us. We’re not here to keep pace. We’re here to lead the way.

For our clients, we do this in three key ways:

  • Prioritising true, transforming sustainability – our waste recycling services convert diverse waste streams into beneficial, safe, high-quality compost and soil products…that underpin impressive revegetation results…that nourish and protect our land and waterways
  • Ensuring total reliability – from rigorous testing practices to extensive quality processes to measurable operational efficiency and more, we back the high standard of our products and services
  • Empowering a service-focused team – the solutions we offer are brought to life by our people who are passionate about delivering a responsive, professional service for our clients.

Our clients gain value, our communities gain value and our ecosystem gains value. This is where a circular economy offers an unbeatable advantage.

When it comes to waste and land management, NuGrow brings generational experience, respected environmental expertise, proven project management ability and operations anchored in our advanced recycling facilities. With more waste being generated than ever before, and more land struggling for basic health, our team welcomes the chance to work with clients, partners, and industry and government stakeholders to create solutions today for a better tomorrow.


At NuGrow, we believe our local communities are the backbone of healthy lives. That’s why our purpose is healthier environments, supporting healthier communities, globally. We welcome opportunities to contribute to the communities in which we live and work, always seeking to make a practical difference and add real value and support where it counts.

If you are a community group, charity, social enterprise or other cause-based organisation, and are looking for corporate support – whether financial or in-kind – NuGrow’s community sponsorship and donation program may be the right fit for you. There are three areas to consider in relation to eligibility.

1 Your local government area

NuGrow focuses support on the organisations that work within the local communities near our operations.

2 Your objectives

While there are numerous important ways that community groups, charities, social enterprises and other cause-based organisations empower our communities, there are four areas we prioritise:

  • Diverting more waste from landfill
  • Creating better resources through recycling
  • Improving soil and waterway quality
  • Showcasing innovation via a circular economy.

If your objectives align with these, then we could be the right fit.

3 Your timeframe

If you are seeking funds or in-kind support sooner than four weeks from the date of application, we are unlikely to be in a position to provide that support. Opportunities with at least four weeks’ lead time are preferred.

Financial support is generally under $5,000 and in-kind support generally relates to the provision of compost or soil product. 


NuGrow is committed to working closely with government and industry to set, maintain and raise the standard of practice for organic waste recycling, composting, soil conditioning and soil manufacturing. NuGrow is a member and active participant in a range of industry forums and groups including:


Local Buy

Sustainability and quality

Long-term focus

Our team is committed to raising awareness of sustainable waste management and land revegetation practices. We develop our products and services to ensure we are always improving environmental, social and economic outcomes. As an environmentally conscious organisation, we understand that future generations depend on sustainable, responsible development to protect, preserve and enhance the environment now and into the future.

NuGrow is also committed to working closely with government and industry to set and maintain the highest standards for waste recycling, compost manufacturing and revegetation services. To proactively support the advancement of our industry, we are a member and participant in the Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) and Waste Recycling Industry Queensland (WRIQ).

Innovation through R&D

NuGrow invests time and resources in research and development and our team continually explores the latest innovations in waste and land management. Viable practices are then implemented and tested at NuGrow’s facilities. This process of ‘innovate, test, measure, deliver’ is a key point of difference that keeps NuGrow at the leading edge. We are also focused on production efficiency and continue to heavily invest in new technology to ensure the high volume demands of our growing customer base are met.

High standards

Every aspect of our operations comply with regulatory requirements and relevant standards. We believe in delivering greater value to our clients and communities. Where guidelines and standards establish a minimum benchmark, we pride ourselves on exceeding and setting a new benchmark. This is evident in activities such as:

  • Performing additional testing of incoming wastes
  • Performing additional testing of outgoing NuGrow products
  • Using external specialists to provide independence and rigour

NuGrow is committed to raising the standard of operation across our industry through the quality of our finished products and excellence of our day-to-day delivery. We continue to explore new ways of converting waste into vital, sustainable resources.

Health and safety, environmental and quality management systems

NuGrow maintains a Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) in alignment with AS NZS 45001:2018; an Environmental Management System aligned with AS NZS 14001:2015; and a Quality Management System aligned with AS NZS9001:2016. We believe all incidents are preventable and strive to attain the highest standards in health and safety – paramount to the success and sustainability of our business. NuGrow promotes a positive and proactive health and safety culture across our business and with our clients and partners. We ensure all potential environmental impacts from NuGrow’s activities, and quality risks across all aspects of our operations, are identified and managed in accordance with industry best practice. We are committed to continually improving the quality of our products, the delivery of our services and the standard of our operations, for the benefit of the environment, our employees, stakeholders and communities.

Download NuGrow’s Safety Data Sheet here.