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Compost is vital to Australia’s land health

News June18 Statement

NuGrow’s statement on PFAS and compost products

NuGrow is passionate about environmental sustainability. Our company is built on the principles of healthier environments and healthier communities globally.

We were founded 18 years ago on the idea that we can do much more for our environment by recycling waste rather than sending it – unsustainably – to landfill. NuGrow strongly supports scrutiny of the waste industry and welcomes the Department of Environment and Science’s focus on good practice. We have actively advocated for this for years.

Recent media coverage provides a misleading picture in relation to safe recycling feedstocks and safe outgoing compost products. And we want to contribute to community information, not misinformation, about safe levels of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment.

PFAS is present in many everyday household and commercial products. That’s why there are traces found in waste streams that contribute to the production of most compost. It’s misleading to suggest zero PFAS is practical in modern society.

What’s important is that the levels of PFAS meet allowed limits as set out by the National Environmental Management Plan and our Environmental Authority.

NuGrow is committed to quality and employs the most rigorous testing regime in Queensland to ensure we only recycle appropriate waste streams and that all products we manufacture are compliant with state and national regulations.

You can be confident our compost is safe.

While the stormwater from RAAF Base Amberley – the subject of recent media attention – met the requirements of NuGrow’s waste vetting process, it never went into product we sold or used and was securely disposed of as approved and directed by the Department of Environment and Science.

We don’t believe these actions had a negative impact on the environment and will be arguing that through the courts.

Peter Thompson, Chief Strategy Officer