Growganics is an MRTS16 and R178-compliant, blown-on, customised organics blanket from NuGrow Revegetation Services. This topsoil-free solution offers the market’s highest level of erosion control and soil stabilisation, alongside flexible revegetation outcomes for diverse site conditions. Economic and environmental value are amplified by our commitment to specification compliance, network of experienced specialists and broad geographic reach. Growganics is the go-to solution for infrastructure contractors, residential and industrial property developers, commercial landscapers, government agencies, and resources owners and contractors.


  • Holistic environmental rehabilitation able to support short to long-term objectives
  • Minimal site preparation and immediate, 100% connectivity with a surface, minimising the delamination common to other methods
  • An expert team able to tailor amelioration and seed mixes to specific site requirements
  • Collaboration with industry experts such as soil scientists, agronomists and native seed suppliers
  • Quality assurance using high-grade compost compliant to AS4454 and MRTS16 – Form G

Growganics is a premium organics blanket able to work with any exposed ground and site conditions. The single-pass application makes it particularly suited to infrastructure batters and hard-to-access areas. It gives clients the best of consistency and efficiency. Results are underpinned by stringent compost quality standards. On completion, the high-quality compost improves the organic content of depleted subgrade soil, while tailored seed mixes ensure long-term natural revegetation specific to a region. Growganics comes with our commitment to delivering clients a friendly, expert, cost-effective service.

Our experienced team takes the time to understand your site, specifications and seeding requirements through our comprehensive consultations. We take soil samples during our site inspections for testing and then design site-specific amelioration treatments – key to successful results. Each application is customised to your project’s specific requirements. We are results driven and always follow up site progress to ensure our promises are delivered.

Warrego Highway, Kingsthorpe
Perfect Earth

This site featured two completely different substructures, needing a customised solution to stabilise and vegetate the 16,000m² of roadside batters and bridge abutments. Growganics achieved immediate erosion control and sustainable growth – all delivered amid steep batters and live traffic. The results from there were exceptional, with 100% establishment of permanent perennial grasses within six months despite poor natural weather conditions and significantly below average rainfall.

Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, Toowoomba
HL Landscapes

With Hydroganics used as our primary method for Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, Growganics offered an excellent solution for a 4,000m² area of batter benches. The task was to raise levels surrounding the catch and bench drains to enable water flow. With difficult access issues, our team had to blow compost for more than 100m. The work was delivered quickly, ensuring our teams avoided construction works and supported timely project delivery.

Lamington National Park Road, Canungra
Georgiou Group

While the size area for this project was small, at 1,200m², the extremely steep slope posed a significant hurdle for our client. We were brought in to stabilise and vegetate two batters affected by land slips caused by cyclone Debbie. Our team had to overcome the very steep terrain, limited access for machinery and live traffic in this logistically challenging project. The application was a success and provided the final touches on the important road repair project.

Port of Brisbane Motorway, Brisbane
Seymour Whyte Constructions

After a 1,000m² trial, our client multiplied our scope 100 times over. We treated various subgrades to stabilise and vegetate roadside batters and bridge abutments along the road duplication, tackling a highly saline environment with a bespoke species mix. While Hydroganics was used for the majority, Growganics offered an innovative alternative for two areaswhere live traffic conditions were the most constrained and a dry application was needed to remove the risk of wet material spray-off.

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