Landscape Express

Landscape Express is a complete bulk landscaping supply-and-apply service. With our blower and slinger trucks, you can outsource the heavy lifting to our service-driven and experienced team. We are here to do your hard work the easy way, while ensuring excellent value for money, flexibility and a positive overall experience. If you need precise placement of material, and want it done effortlessly, to a high-quality standard and at a competitive price, Landscape Express is that solution. We back what we say with results and continually strive to deliver a competitive service that puts value back into your business.

Our blower truck offers fast, efficient and simple delivery of bulk landscaping materials, backed by a broad, proven network of product suppliers. Blower truck technology is an exciting alternative to traditional supply-and-apply solutions and is specifically designed to support commercial and civil landscapers; maintenance contractors; residential, commercial, education and public facilities managers; local governments; playground and public asset contractors; and property developers.

Our slinger truck makes it possible to move large volumes of material fast and with minimal disturbance to surrounding land. As a fully mobile solution, it is the safest and most convenient way to place material on your site. The slinger truck uses a conveyer application system to quickly and easily place bulk landscaping products, such as soil, sand, gravel, mulch, small stones and biofiltration media. The material is ‘slung’ from the variable speed conveyer, making it possible to efficiently place material exactly where it needs to go. The slinger truck is the ideal machine for commercial projects.

Blower truck

  • Purchase a finished result in one simple call
  • Leverage experienced, well-trained specialists who personalise our service to meet your needs
  • Outsource labour-heavy tasks to our fast, efficient blower truck delivery, freeing your team to add greater value elsewhere
  • Enjoy the confidence of high-quality product supply with our broad network of trusted providers
  • Tackle larger landscaping projects with savings in cost, time and site footprint, without compromising safety or quality

With Landscape Express’ blower truck service, mundane tasks are eliminated as it achieves an even application that removes any need for follow-up spreading. Our team’s extensive industry experience enables us to advise clients on the ideal soil blends and mulches specific to each site. With access to a wide range of budget to premium products, you can deliver most bulk landscaping needs through our team. This includes our ability to customise soil blends and ensure rigorous quality control.

Your complete solution starts with an initial phone briefing and estimate. We then conduct a site assessment to identify the ideal material, volumes, logistics and installation methods for your needs, to finalise your set price. Our truck can reach out to 100m and up to five storeys of elevation, so we can confidently overcome reach and access challenges. With your plan set, we pride ourselves on timely supply and application, and ensure your site is left in a clean, quality state.

Landscape Express’ blower truck service is a complete solution. Our pricing includes product supply, application and clean-up. Products include high-grade composts and soils, alongside high-quality products sourced from our trusted network of suppliers, including mulches and softfalls.

Slinger truck

  • Incredibly fast delivery – move up to 1,000 tonnes of material in one day much faster than conventional machinery
  • A mobile, efficient solution – place the material stockpile where you need – away from the worksite or even off-site – as the product does not have to continually feed the truck
  • High levels of safety – shift huge volumes of material with the maximum practical safety
  • Minimal disturbance – avoid disturbance to pipes and underground infrastructure, unlike using bobcats and excavators, as the slinger truck can throw material from outside an area
  • All-round savings – reduce the time, labour and expense of getting a job done by eliminating time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks such as material handling, saving time on your construction schedule
  • Greater reach – safely deliver product to sites that bobcats and excavators cannot reach, including hard-to-access sites such as steep slopes or limited vehicle access areas.

Landscape Express’ slinger truck offer is fully tailored to meet each client’s context, budget and needs. For example, you can:

  • Supply the products, or we can supply them for you
  • Choose from a wide range of landscaping materials up to 75mm, including soil, sand, gravel, specially blended mulches and biofiltration media – we source a broad range of industry-leading, high-quality products from our trusted network of suppliers
  • Have the slinger loaded by your machine, or one that we supply.

The slinger truck provides the ideal material installation method for a wide variety of projects and contexts including landscaping; filling planter boxes; filling biofiltration dams; backfilling trenches, underground tanks, retaining walls etc; topsoiling batters; and spreading mulch to open areas. In addition to the benefits of fast bulk delivery and mobile flexibility, a slinger truck also ensures there is no risk to the surrounding landscape and infrastructure, protecting your wider investment.

Sinnamon Park Aged Care, Sinnamon Park
Penfold Projects

Lightweight, blowable soil and forest mulch
Our initial scope to supply and install 115m³ of soil turned into 700m³ of our NuPremium organic soil and 140m³ of forest mulch. Our delivery crews safely managed difficult site access with ease, installing in and around Geocell slope stabilisation mesh.

Bremer Street, Ipswich
Ipswich City Council

Cypress blend mulch
Our team successfully met a short notice, tight delivery timeframe to ensure completion prior to the Commonwealth Games. The full installation of 250m³ of mulch was achieved faster than expected, with the site handed back to the highest standard of finish.

Palm Lake Care, Bethania
Skyline Landscape Services

Forest mulch
This project involved installing 160m³ of mulch across several gardens – some with tight access. Safety was paramount. Our crews quickly managed the difficult site, including passing our pump hose over a one-storey roof to access the furthest gardens.

Wellington Point State School, Wellington Point
Austek Play

Takura softfall
We installed 38m³ of Takura softfall in a newly-built playground for our client. It was a true one-stop-shop offer, with our team taking the brief, scoping requirements and logistics, and confirming the booking in one simple phone call – a truly hassle free and easy solution.

For more information about Landscape Express, please get in touch with our team today.