This week marks the celebrations for International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW), and NuGrow has plenty of reasons to celebrate their achievements in the field of composting.

The largest and most comprehensive education initiative of the compost industry, ICAW aims to increase recognition of the importance of composting and the long-term benefits of organic recycling.

Composting provides a whole host of benefits aside from improving soil. It also improves the soil’s workability, adds nutrients and carbon to the soil, provides drought and disease resistance, reduces the release of nitrous oxide, enables healthier plants, improves water quality, helps to mitigate climate change, reduces methane emissions from landfills and reduces the use of pesticides and fertilisers – all of which leads to outstanding environmental protection outcomes. Composting is becoming increasing vital, and soil health and productivity are dependent on organic matter in the form of compost to provide sustenance for biological diversity in the soil.

The 2020 theme for ICAW, “Soil loves compost,” aims to broaden public understanding around the significant benefits of composting, and encourage and celebrate the recycling of organics; and it’s a theme NuGrow is wholeheartedly behind.

NuGrow is well aware of the many benefits of composting, and has been quietly doing its bit to raise awareness through its many innovative programs and projects. Composting and recycling are at the heart of NuGrow’s philosophy, with the company founded on the idea that they could do much more for the environment by recycling waste rather than unsustainably sending it to landfill.

Recent projects have included partnering with Queensland icon Merlo Coffee to save more than 3 million takeaway cups from landfill each year, delivering compost-based revegetation projects such as the $1.6 billion, 41km Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, and recycling a growing volume of compostable plastics from waste generators such as Riverstage and Eat Street Markets.

NuGrow’s Chief Strategy Officer, Peter Thompson, is thrilled that NuGrow is able to partner with businesses such as these to improve sustainable waste management in Queensland. “Not only is our recycling service competitive and efficient, it also enables us to support a true circular economy through compost manufacturing and revegetation.”

Peter believes that more and more brands can be expected to announce stronger waste reduction targets as urgency around environmental action grows and practical solutions continue to become available. “In the last six months alone, we’ve seen a greater shift toward the use of environmentally smart solutions like compostable plastics,” he said.

It’s clear the future is looking bright when it comes to the uptake of recycling and composting initiatives – and NuGrow, being Queensland’s largest compost manufacturer by volume and geography, will continue to have a big role to play in the continued growth of such initiatives.

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