If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for sustainable waste management, look no further than NuGrow! We offer Queensland’s largest recycling operation of its kind – and the City of Gold Coast (City) has been reaping the benefits of NuGrow’s services over the past 18 months.

Over that period of time, the City has contracted NuGrow to shred, transport and further process the volume of green organics dropped off at its transfer station facilities. The green organics is reprocessed into high grade composts by NuGrow and used in a variety of local projects and industries, such as agriculture, landscaping and land rehabilitation.

This vital recycling process closes the loop in the waste circular economy by taking green organics that would otherwise likely end up in landfill and recycling them to be used in projects, such as revegetation and soil rejuvenation. And not only that, this process has directly led to a reduction of traffic movements on Gold Coast roads by over 33% versus the alternative of bulk haulage and bins.

The sheer amount of organic waste that is able to be recycled via this process makes a compelling case for the necessity of this solution. In 2019-2020, the green waste dispatched from the City’s transfer station facilities amounted to 64,792 tonnes. That’s a huge amount of waste that could have ended up rotting in landfill and creating further environmental problems, however it is now being used sustainably to benefit the local community.

The market for sustainable composts, soils and soil conditioners is continually growing. NuGrow distributes recycled compost through our own vertically integrated business, using and applying organics to rehabilitate land. The remaining volume (approximately 80%) is used in the agriculture and landscaping sectors, and is distributed directly by NuGrow or via third party contractors. We encourage local governments such as the Gold Coast to give preferential treatment to recycled materials as opposed to virgin materials in their procurement processes.

Projects within the Gold Coast area using the recycled green organics have covered a wide range of situations and solutions. Recent projects have included:

  • Pimpama Sports Hub, which has been transformed by over 550 cubic metres of compost
  • The landscaping of Stapylton sewer upgrade, using 160 cubic metres of compost
  • Old Coach Road – Reedy Creek Road, where approximately 3000 square metres of Growganics Organics Blanket and 120 cubic metres of compost have transformed the site

NuGrow also services several other Queensland council’s green waste and organic waste contracts, including Queensland’s first and only kerbside food organics and garden organics (FOGO) service.

As one of Australia’s leading full-service recycling and revegetation innovators, NuGrow advances sustainable waste and land management and empowers a circular economy. We bridge the gap between waste disposal and reuse via our waste transportation, recycling, product supply, revegetation and soil rejuvenation services.

Our green waste recycling services are ideal for local governments, civil contractors, major project owners and other providers managing land clearing and rehabilitation. We are able to accept all green waste mediums, as well as untreated and heat-treated timbers, via delivery to our facilities or on-site grinding and removal. For on-site services, our mobile plant provides a highly efficient processing advantage. We can grind to a range of particle sizes and leave processed material on site, including reducing the footprint of treated timbers to avoid undue management costs. Our equipment’s load weighing devices provide real-time waste volume reporting. This further supports cost savings and accurate data collection. We also have staff trained in asbestos and fire ant management, extending the value of our comprehensive HSEQ processes.

For more information about our waste recycling services and how we can help you manage your waste streams, get in touch with our expert team today.