NuGrow has launched an Australian-first environmental trial at its Gracemere facility, south-west of Rockhampton, testing a new product designed to support the breakdown of hydrocarbon and BTEX compounds.

Developed in Australia, the product offers particular value for regions that support heavy volumes of resources work that generates hydrocarbon and BTEX contaminated waste streams.

NuGrow Director Roy Wilson said the trial offered significant potential for speeding up the process.

“These compounds are more common in resources regions and we find that our standard 12-week composting process elsewhere can take up to 20 weeks here to achieve the right levels of chemical breakdown,” Roy said.

“This product is designed to speed that process up, which means we expect to see as much as a 40% reduction in our composting lifecycle through this trial,” he said.

“If this is successful, we will be able to accept higher volume of wastes with faster production turnaround times.

“It also creates scope for our facility at Gracemere to potentially accept a wider range of wastes with the ability to break down these chemicals over a shorter period of time.”

The NuGrow trial will be delivered over the coming three months and will be supported by independent testing to confirm viability for the team’s Gracemere operations.