NuGrow has proudly been awarded a new waste collection panel position with Brisbane City Council, creating a dynamic opportunity to extend its services to a wider audience.

The contract gives NuGrow the opportunity to cover up to 40,000 tonnes of green waste per year – with the team setting their focus on delivering these services for up to 16 years.

Services like these are commonly outsourced to national providers, meaning NuGrow had to prove that its safety and compliance record was equally competitive to any major corporation.

NuGrow’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jacob Wilson, said the panel position was an exciting vote of confidence by Council in NuGrow’s well-established offer.

“Safety and compliance are non-negotiables for our team, so we were confident in our ability to showcase a strong history of performance in those areas,” Jacob said.

“The key strength we offered was our vertical integration, because the recycling we deliver for Council converts into beneficial products for other clients who are delivering landscaping and rehabilitation projects in local areas,” he said.

“It’s a value-adding cycle that delivers a much greater benefit to communities because the end product helps to rebuild healthy landscapes.”

Part of NuGrow’s bid included solutions such as new shredding equipment with lower noise pollution and emissions, reducing impacts on sensitive receptors.

Council will also benefit over time from access to NuGrow’s extensive research and development into recycling measures that improve efficiency as well as new avenues for producing beneficial products from waste materials.

“Our team is proud to be supporting the largest local government in Australia, providing services that will help reduce waste today while creating solutions for the long-term benefit of communities in Brisbane and beyond.”