NuGrow’s General Purpose Soil: The Essence of Growth  

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Our general-purpose soil is for all those jobs where you do not need specific blends and are looking for a great all-rounder 

  • Enhanced Fertility: Made with NuGrow compost blends, this soil ensures that you’re feeding your plants all the macro and micronutrients they need, as well as getting the benefit of loam and topsoil to ensure longevitiy of this product. 
  • Accelerated Growth: Witness faster growth rates and more bountiful yields in your garden or project. 
  • Quality Assurance: Experience the peace of mind that comes with rigorously tested soil for quality and safety. NuGrow uses third party laboratories to test our product to Australian Standards and internal standards 
  • Eco-Friendly: Using NuGrow soil blends means your joining the circular economy and reusing organics collected from the cities to rebuild our natural environment.  

Usage Guide

  • Clear ground of foreign and unwanted materials incluiding stones, weeds 
  • Import NuGrow’s General Purpose into to planitng or turfing area 
  • Install to the desired height for planting purposes 
  • Fertilise with recommended products from a trusted supplier 
  • Cover garden with a NuGrow Mulch and water!  
  • Ensure that the plants are not super saturated or suffocated by cover mulch.  
  • Send us a photo of your latest project!  


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