NuGrow’s new ‘hydrocompost’ solution – Hydroganics – is attracting positive market attention as a major erosion control and land rehabilitation alternative for civil contractors, environmental engineers, landscapers and councils seeking to stabilise and rehabilitate land.

Launched in October 2016, Hydroganics has been used for road projects on the Bruce Highway, Gold Coast and Port of Brisbane, and an Ipswich landfill batter revegetation project – with these already showing good growth results.

It has also been successfully trialled on a major roadworks project west of Brisbane.

The solution has made significant inroads to addressing a gap in the market for affordable, reliable and truly fit-for-purpose erosion control and rehabilitation options.

NuGrow’s Manager of Land Rehabilitation, Ben Brown, said that in addition to the high-quality, compost-based germination media and erosion control benefits, it was the flexibility of Hydroganics that set it apart.

“I’m talking with people who want a premium product that’s a cost-effective alternative to a compost blanket, right through to people looking for a low-cost option that’s an alternative to hydromulch,” Ben said.

“Hydroganics can be fully tailored to suit client objectives, site requirements and budgets,” he said.

“Its real strength is that, at any application depth, it never compromises on the quality of the material we’re using. It has multiple times the organic material of traditional hydromulch solutions.”

The material quality, impressive application rate of up to 10,000m2 per day, and individual site assessment to determine the final makeup of each Hydroganics project, are delivering a winning combination.

Once applied, the strength of NuGrow’s specialised, industry-leading compost takes over, providing slow-release nutrients and injecting organic carbon back into the soil.

Hydroganics ultimately re-builds soil structure, organic matter and fertility, creating the best platform for long-term vegetation.

For more information on Hydroganics and NuGrow’s products and services, please browse our website or phone Ben Brown on 0409 148 638.