NuGrow has expanded its revegetation and landscaping capability into the most comprehensive of its kind in the market, now offering five services to clients in civil infrastructure, landscaping, facilities management, local government, public and social infrastructure, and resources.

The business, recently rebadged as NuGrow Revegetation Services, launched Hydroganics in December 2016 as its first service – a hydrocompost solution.

Since then, it has expanded into Growganics, an organics blanket solution; Landscape Express, a bulk landscaping supply-and-apply service delivered through blower and slinger trucks; mobile soil screening; and, most recently, a polymer application service.

In 2019 alone, the team delivered hundreds of projects in South East and Central Queensland, the Western Downs and into Northern New South Wales, successfully revegetating hundreds of thousands of square metres of land across mine sites, major infrastructure projects, residential developments, local government assets and landscaping projects.

NuGrow Revegetation Services’ General Manager, Ben Brown, said the business’ growth was testament to the quality of relationships and results established with, and for, clients over the years.

“Sustainable, high-quality outcomes in revegetation and landscaping are absolutely about the means as well as the ends,” Ben said.

“Our commitment to tailoring our offer to each site, ensuring rigour when it comes to compliance, and being genuine about service standards and truly seeking to meet our clients’ needs, are essential to the results we achieve on behalf of clients,” he said.

“What’s really exciting now is our ability to draw on multiple services for a client. If they only need one, we deliver that with excellence, and if a site is best served by a mix of methods and delivery modes, that excellence expands to multiple services available through one team.

“For our clients, that integrated capability means cost savings, quality assurance, schedule certainty and the least number of interfaces – benefits that quickly add up to considerable value for projects already facing strict targets.”

With the most diverse range of services in the market, the team can support the most diverse range of revegetation and landscaping requirements – from live traffic to steep slopes to high-rise complexes and more. The efficiency and effectiveness to meet client objectives is unmatched.

NuGrow’s Chief Strategy Officer, Peter Thompson, said the growth of the revegetation and landscaping business was a critical pillar in NuGrow’s ability to offer clients a true circular economy model.

“We find a beneficial reuse for waste, starting from best-practice recycling, to the production of fit-for-purpose products, to this diverse suite of revegetation and landscaping applications,” Peter said.

“Because our team is experienced in our clients’ operating contexts, with the backing of the wider NuGrow business, we’re best positioned to ensure that economic, environmental and social value are maximised and embedded into the way we work,” he said.

“Community health is the bedrock of NuGrow’s operating philosophy, and the expansion of NuGrow Revegetation Services has magnified that value for our clients and their end users. We’re excited about what that means for the future.”

NuGrow Revegetation Services’ five capabilities are available in South East Queensland, up to Central Queensland, and in New South Wales.