Organics recycling

As population growth prompts unsustainable rates of waste production and disposal, we need alternatives to traditional waste management. NuGrow’s organics recycling facilities are one such proven solution. NuGrow is Queensland’s largest organics waste recycler by volume and geographical reach. We convert a diverse range of organic wastes into beneficial products – high-grade compost tested to AS4454 and soils tested to AS4419, MRTS16 and bespoke client specifications. For waste transporters and local councils, we are an assured recycling partner.

The breadth of our operations means we can accept a significant volume and range of waste streams spanning:

With qualified and trained field teams, and an extensive head office team of specialists, we offer the strength of:

  • Site efficiency and fast, responsive support – our facilities are strategically located across the State. They offer convenient operating hours, all-weather access, design for fast unloading and turnaround, and the capacity to accept high volumes of waste with high throughput. Our flexible service is designed to meet individual client needs – whether standard waste requirements or emergency responses.
  • Quality assurance and compliance – our rigorous testing processes include pre-acceptance auditing for relevant waste streams and product testing for the highest standards in product supply. Our team takes compliance and our regulatory obligations seriously, providing a deep understanding of environmental responsibilities to ensure safe, sustainable waste solutions.
  • Strong sustainability credentials – clients gain a true circular economy solution that extends the value of their waste streams economically, socially and environmentally. Through our product supply and revegetation services, waste is transformed into long-term beneficial outcomes.

Underpinning these is our commitment to outstanding client service. Our team conducts site visits and audits, and welcomes the opportunity to add value to clients’ businesses through waste management advice. With early engagement, we help clients identify process improvements that save them time and money, delivering better service with a fresh perspective. With our longstanding track record for recycling, we value the opportunity to become a long-term partner to our clients.

For more information about our waste recycling services, and how to create savings under Queensland’s waste levy, please get in touch with our team today.