Polymer service

NuGrow Revegetation Services offers an efficient liquid polymer emulsion that creates a temporary fix for challenges such as dust and erosion on construction, building and resources sites. The spray-on product binds the soil surface like liquid glue, forming a flexible barrier against wind and rain. It is an inexpensive, short to medium-term way to seal a site before a permanent solution can be applied. Polymer is used effectively on roads, building sites, stockpiles and areas with exposed soil, sand or rock – and can be easily applied across large sites. This specialty product is the ultimate way to lock down surfaces quickly and effectively to provide the immediate environmental conditions needed to support seamless project delivery.


  • Reduce the cost of sealing a site with a quality short to medium-term solution that lasts up to 12 months (subject to the application rate)
  • Save time via a fast, easy solution requiring only one, simple application, with the ability to treat up to 10 hectares per day
  • Reduce environmental impacts including via total dust and erosion control, with the benefits of UV and rain tolerant qualities
  • Achieve immediate compatibility with revegetation programs

Our experienced team starts by discussing your site requirements and goals to advise on the best polymer application to meet your needs and budget. We then manage the full process for you, from ordering and delivering the product to applying the treatment. The specialty polymer emulsion is diluted in water and sprayed onto the treatment zone using a marking dye for visibility. This ensures you benefit from full coverage with minimal waste. Once dried, it is immediately effective in sealing and protecting your site.

For more information about our polymer service, please get in touch with our team today.