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NuGrow’s revegetation services team provides a comprehensive erosion control and revegetation offer in South East Queensland, providing extremely competitive value for infrastructure sites to subdivisions to resources projects to public asset maintenance and more.

We do this through our three primary solutions:


Hydroganics is an exciting ‘hydrocompost’ solution that offers clients an affordable, high-quality compost-based germination media and erosion control solution

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Growganics is an MRTS16-compliant, blown-on, customised organics blanket that offers the highest level of erosion control available on the market, and flexible revegetation outcomes

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Landscape Express

Landscape Express is a powerful ‘supply-and-apply’ landscaping service that offers efficient, fast and simple delivery of bulk landscaping materials using blower truck technology

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We support a massive range of specifications, revegetation and site landscaping site requirements, and highly-varied land and access conditions. Here are some examples:

  • Topsoil and hydromulch specification = Hydroganics
  • Topsoil-free solution = Hydroganics
  • MRTS16 organics blanket specification = Growganics
  • Bulk material application with difficult access = Landscape Express
  • Mass planted areas = Landscape Express

At the heart of all our revegetation services, we offer clients:

  • Customised, flexible, high-quality solutions matched to their objectives, budgets and site conditions
  • Guaranteed results and cost-competitiveness from a service-driven team
  • Experienced erosion control and revegetation professionals who also have strong relationships with soil scientists and seeding experts
  • Outcomes that require minimal client preparation and often minimal maintenance
  • Efficiency and quality benefits via direct access to NuGrow’s wider suite of industry-leading products and services

NuGrow’s revegetation services ensure environmental and financial benefit for our clients from a team that’s committed to a friendly, flexible and professional service standard.

For more information about Hydroganics, Growganics and Landscape Express, please browse the links above and contact our team today.

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  • Commercial landscapers
  • Design engineers
  • Landscape architects
  • Property developers
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