NuGrow Revegetation Services provides the market’s most comprehensive bulk revegetation and landscaping solutions. We offer competitive value for civil infrastructure, landscape and facilities management, local government, public and social infrastructure, and resources projects. Our team is known for understanding our clients’ specific operating requirements – and we are committed to delivering value and results in four critical ways:

  • Tailored solutions – every service is completely tailored to your needs
  • Diverse options – each of our services can support a diverse range of revegetation and landscaping requirements – and you have the option of drawing on multiple services for a truly integrated solution
  • Total compliance – we maintain quality standards across everything we do, from the products we apply, through to the safety, schedule and budget certainty we ensure
  • Genuine service – our experienced and well-trained specialists provide you with a personalised service to meet your objectives and budget, holding our team to the highest standards as trusted custodians of your site.

Clients can engage our team solely to deliver one of our services, but with the ability to integrate any of our other revegetation and landscaping capabilities to efficiently and effectively meet your objectives.

An exciting ‘hydrocompost’ solution that offers clients an affordable, high-quality, compost-based germination media and erosion control solution

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An MRTS16 and R178-compliant, blown-on, customised organics blanket that offers the highest level of erosion control available on the market, and flexible revegetation outcomes

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A powerful ‘supply-and-apply’ landscaping service that offers efficient, fast and simple delivery of bulk landscaping materials using blower and slinger truck technology

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Mobile soil screening

A mobile, full-scope, timely and cost-competitive service that improves site soil to required specifications for reuse on site or for sale

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Polymer service

An efficient liquid polymer emulsion that creates a temporary fix for challenges such as dust and erosion

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We support the widest range of specifications, across the broadest site conditions, addressing highly varied land and access conditions with complete budget flexibility. This includes our unique ability to blend delivery methods for individual projects.

At the heart of all our revegetation services, we offer clients:

  • Customised, flexible, high-quality outcomes matched to their objectives, budgets and site conditions
  • Guaranteed results and cost-competitiveness from a team committed to genuine service
  • Experienced revegetation and erosion control professionals who also have strong relationships with soil scientists and seeding experts
  • Outcomes that require minimal client preparation and often minimal maintenance
  • Efficiency and quality benefits via direct access to NuGrow’s wider suite of rigorously tested, high-grade products.

NuGrow’s revegetation services ensure environmental and financial benefit for our clients. We take the time to understand a client’s site, specifications and overall objectives and leverage our expertise and competitive rates to deliver value for money.

For more information about Hydroganics, Growganics, Landscape Express and our mobile soil screening and polymer services, please browse the links above and contact our team today.