On-site soil screening

NuGrow’s on-site soil screening puts value back into site-won material. Designed for civil infrastructure contractors, property developers and large landscapers, we assure a competitive service on cost and quality. Our team manages the full process – confirming performance expectations, sampling and testing stockpiles, designing bespoke, high-quality amelioration, mobilising plant, and undertaking screening. Our process improves site soil to required standards for reuse on site or for sale, including transforming soil to conform with MRTS16, AS4419 or R178. An added advantage is that NuGrow can remove unwanted overs from site, leaving clients with nothing but a stockpile of quality, screened soil made to their required specification.


  • Reduce costs compared to using imported topsoil
  • Maximise existing site resources
  • Engage a single-point service covering every step
  • Reduce disposal costs when removal would otherwise have been needed
  • Improve production efficiency for major screening projects
  • Reduce environmental and community impacts, such as fewer vehicle movements

NuGrow’s long history, expertise and professionalism in soil and compost manufacturing ensure industry leading quality as well as time and cost efficiency. This is backed by our in-house environmental and logistics expertise, in-house revegetation solutions, and strong soil and ameliorant supply network, giving greater confidence and efficiency to clients. Even soil manufacturers and sand suppliers facing capacity or equipment constraints gain the benefit of a ready-to-go solution that complements existing operations. In conjunction with our wider revegetation services, we can also move straight from screening into revegetation delivery for small sites through to major infrastructure and resources projects.

For more information about our on-site soil screening services, please get in touch with our team today.