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NuGrow’s comprehensive soil rejuvenation service is driven by our commitment to connecting clients with best-practice soil science and industry-leading organic-based products.

From highway upgrades and pipeline easements, to pasture improvement and farmland rehabilitation, to major property developments and more, our service comes with the assurance of proven outcomes.

Our work follows a rigorous process to ensure lasting results specific to each site’s objectives. This includes:

  • Inspecting the site to understand its unique challenges and opportunities
  • Testing soil samples using independent laboratories
  • Recommending and creating a site-specific soil mix
  • Managing the treatment process
  • Providing monitoring and follow-up support.

The backbone of our soil rejuvenation projects is direct access to NuGrow’s high-grade composts and soils. These are wholly-manufactured by NuGrow, guaranteeing the highest standards because of our complete control of input quality and the extended processing time we use. Our quality measures ultimately strengthen the nutrient value of our products. We are also in the best position to manage amelioration, tailored to each site, to ensure long-term value. Through this, we repeatedly improve soil structure, health and fertility; increase moisture retention; reduce dispersive soil properties; and increase native biological activity.

In our Raglan Pasture Trial (November 2015 to April 2016), we tested the agricultural production value of applying our products with reduced fertiliser application over time, compared to the traditional use of fertiliser only. The trial showed:

  • Greater cost savings for landowners through the reduced use of synthetic fertiliser – estimated at potentially more than 50% fertiliser reduction over three years
  • Improved land productivity, with a production increase of 56% per hectare
  • Improved soil quality, with measureable improvements in several key soil chemical properties and health indices
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Our team understands the importance of carefully managing the process and outcomes of rehabilitation work such as soil rejuvenation and provide a single point of contact for an assured solution.

For more information on our soil rejuvenation services, please contact our team today.

Raglan trial rehabilitation