On 20 February 2024, testing conducted by the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation with the Asbestos Safety Unit of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland identified a low level of asbestos in a soil sample taken from NuGrow’s Ipswich facility.

The safety of NuGrow’s staff, clients and the broader community is our utmost priority at this time, as always, and we are working closely with regulators in response to this news.

What is known so far:

Four samples were collected from the NuGrow Ipswich facility during wider proactive testing of landfill operations, transfer stations, landscape suppliers, composters and mulch suppliers across Queensland, in response to asbestos contamination on public sites in New South Wales.

The testing detected two fibers of asbestos, both 1.5mm x 3mm from one sample taken from a soil stockpile at NuGrow Ipswich.

The level of asbestos concentration found in the positive sample is extremely low, equivalent to what might be detected in a sample of sand, mulch or soil taken from any beach, garden, park or other public space.

There is currently no evidence to suggest that people who may have come in contact with this material are at risk.

NuGrow is now working with regulators to:

  • Quarantine the stockpile of material;
  • Cease any offsite movement of material from the site unless it is being lawfully disposed or is certified by a qualified professional that it is asbestos free;
  • Provide information on where material has been taken off site within the last 30 days and how the asbestos may have been bought onto the site; and
  • Engage an appropriately qualified person with specialist knowledge in asbestos management to carry out an independent assessment of all material on site.

NuGrow follows industry best practice regarding testing of our product ranges prior to approval for sale. A review of in-house qualitative assurance monitoring results from samples of finished product over the last several months shows no asbestos detected.


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