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Our team is committed to raising awareness of sustainable waste management and land rehabilitation practices. We develop our products and services to ensure we are always improving environmental, social and economic outcomes. As an environmentally-conscious organisation, we understand that future generations depend on sustainable, responsible development to protect, preserve and enhance the environment now and into the future.

High standards

We pursue operational excellence to comply with, and exceed, regulatory requirements and relevant standards. We believe in going further to deliver greater value to our clients and communities. Where guidelines and standards establish a minimum benchmark, we pride ourselves on exceeding and setting a new benchmark. NuGrow is committed to raising industry standards through quality finished products and excellent day-to-day delivery. We also continue to explore new ways of converting waste into vital, sustainable resources.

Innovation through R&D

NuGrow invests considerable time and resources in research and development and our team continually explores the latest innovations in waste and land management. Viable practices are then implemented and tested at NuGrow’s facilities. This process of ‘innovate, test, measure, deliver’ is a key point of difference that keeps NuGrow at the leading edge. We are also focused on production efficiency and continue to heavily invest in new technology to ensure the high volume demands of our growing customer base are met.

Addressing our waste management crisis

As our population continues to grow, and produce more waste, we are facing a major crisis in our ability to sustainably manage those waste streams. Expanding landfills is not the solution – nor is sending our waste to other countries for them to manage. Population growth has also placed greater strain on our agricultural sector with the demands of increasing yields and produce volumes. Australian soils are severely degraded and lacking in nutrients and organic content as a result of agricultural burden, poor construction and infrastructure management and other industrial impacts.

NuGrow’s full circle waste management strategies ease pressure on existing traditional waste management infrastructure and practises. Our facilities offer an alternative to landfilling and create beneficial resources that promote the rejuvenation of degraded lands. Our products reinvigorate and even change the fundamental structure and quality of soils, encouraging sustainable revegetation and better yields. This includes enabling once-redundant land to be brought back into healthy agricultural production by improving soils. This creates flow on benefits for the environment, economy and society.


At NuGrow, we believe in taking waste full circle, creating opportunities for beneficial reuse through high-grade products.
It’s a simple strategy in many ways, yet the impact is profound.

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