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We provide a safe, efficient, cost-competitive service for clients seeking to responsibly and effectively manage key waste streams via recycling solutions – rather than disposal solutions – putting value back into our environment.

The breadth of our operations means we can accept a significant volume and diversity of waste streams spanning four major feedstock categories.

New Roma facility

Our liquid waste recycling services are ideal for waste transporters and waste generators – such as shopping centres, food manufacturers, mining and resources companies, industrial operators, civil and building contractors, and asset and facilities managers. Through direct contracts, or via clients’ waste transport providers, we are fully licensed to accept organic and non-organic waste streams.

Liquid waste streams are regulated by strict legislation. We offer a thorough waste questionnaire to streamline the process while ensuring compliance, and our internal HSEQ team supports rapid processing and analysis. When clients are not able to supply the required preliminary information for assessment, we can support the process by undertaking testing on their behalf.

Numerous companies look to NuGrow to support their ongoing liquid waste management and we also work with local regulators to swiftly respond to emergency and natural disaster requirements.

  • Sewage sludge
  • CSG drilling muds and fluids
  • Directional drilling mud and waters
  • Fertiliser and fertiliser washings
  • Treatment tank sludges
  • Food manufacturing waste
  • Amorphous silica sludge
  • Fly ash and ash water
  • Lime and cement slurry
  • Stormwater and stormwater residues
  • Grease trap waste
  • Ammonium nitrate washings
  • Calcium nitrate
  • Egg waste
  • Contaminated waters
  • Tallow waste
  • Water-based inks, paints and dyes
  • Oily water and sludges
  • Magnesium nitrate
  • Potassium carbonate

Our solid waste recycling services complement our liquid waste recycling services for many of our clients and also provide a distinct benefit to clients such as fruit and vegetable growers, manufacturers and wholesalers. Through direct contracts, or via clients’ waste transport providers, we are fully licensed to accept organic and non-organic waste streams.

The regulatory framework around solid waste recycling can be complex. That’s why an experienced partner with rigorous HSEQ practices is vital. NuGrow is skilled in managing everything from packaged and branded wastes through to contaminated wastes. With clear site acceptance criteria, we support cost-smart, environmentally-responsible management of solid wastes.

Our team provides a client-first service for ongoing contracts and is skilled in supporting once-off emergency response needs, with the ability to complete a service in as little as 48 hours from first contact.

  • Filter cake and process sludge
  • Animal manures and paunch
  • Food waste
  • Contaminated soils
  • Mud and dirt
  • Biosolids
  • Carbon pellets
  • Filter media
  • Bottom ash
  • Diatomaceous soil

FOGO is the next frontier of opportunity for Queensland in relation to sustainable waste management. FOGO provides an exciting avenue to ensure residential waste is beneficially used to create high-grade composts, rather than going to landfill. NuGrow provides full contract ownership, delivering a simple, proven solution. Our approach uses existing green bin systems to minimise the cost of implementation. We can also support community and school engagement to improve adoption rates. With waste levies and other costs to consider, efficiently-run FOGO services provide taxpayer value while reducing a community’s carbon footprint. NuGrow’s facilities can also be used to bypass transfer stations as our facilities can accept most transport vehicle types, minimising unnecessary vehicle movements.

NuGrow’s FOGO service is also perfectly suited to food industry providers, major event managers, and market and festival operators. Beyond waste collection, we can support clients with recycling education advice as well as direction regarding new-age compostable products such as bags, plates, cutlery, proteins and dairy products.

For all FOGO clients, our service gives certainty and assurance that waste streams are being managed sustainably, turning community and industry waste into beneficial products and environmental results.

Ipswich leading the way

NuGrow is the first and only dedicated FOGO operator in Queensland – with Ipswich City Council. We have partnered with Council since 2011 to support a sustainable solution to growing waste streams. This included eliminating double-handling by removing the need for a transfer station, and beneficially using products manufactured out of the green bin materials within the community.

Fast facts - September 2011 to September 2018


A proven, successful model for FOGO ready to mobilise today

Our green waste recycling services are ideal for local governments, civil contractors, major project owners and other providers managing land clearing and rehabilitation. We are able to accept all green waste mediums as well as untreated timbers, via delivery to our facilities or on-site grinding and removal.

For on-site services, our mobile plant provides a highly-efficient processing advantage. We can grind to a range of particle sizes and leave processed waste on site, including reducing the footprint of treated timbers to avoid undue management costs. Our equipment’s load weighing devices provide real-time waste volume reporting, further supporting cost savings and accurate data collection. We also have staff trained in asbestos and fire ant management, extending the value of our comprehensive HSEQ processes.

For clients seeking a complete removal service, NuGrow offers Queensland’s largest recycling operation of its kind – delivering a true one-stop shop for sustainable waste management.

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