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NuGrow provides cost-competitive waste transport solutions via our in-house fleet and trusted subcontractors. There are no limits to the types or quantities of waste we can transport. From collection to disposal, we ensure the ecological handling of your waste, performed strictly in accordance with environmental requirements. We also guarantee the safety of our plant and equipment and hold our operators to the highest standards of health and safety practice.

Our team is experienced in transporting wastes with zero environmental impact including:

  • Septic waste
  • Grease trap waste
  • Drilling fluids (eg directional, CSG, stimulation, completion)
  • Oily water
  • Pond skimming and other sludge
  • Waste water
  • Ammonium nitrate wash water
  • Industrial liquid waste
  • Cement returns, powders and slurries

Our fleet is NHVS-compliant and fitted with wireless satellite tracking. This includes:

  • Vacuum trucks – 23,000L semi-trailers up to 62,000L road trains
  • Prime movers – rated up to 140t
  • Hook trucks – 24t, b-double (30t) and road train (42t)
  • Flat top trailers
  • Walking floors
  • Tippers ­– from body trucks to road trains

Our people receive thorough training and support to ensure we’re delivering greater value for clients and the environment. This includes strategies such as:

  • Prioritising inductions so our people understand unique site requirements
  • Running efficient prestarts, including daily safety and technical inspections
  • Monitoring and managing collection areas, where possible, to avoid overloads and spills
  • Drawing on our recycling facility network to reduce travel kilometres
  • Ensuring rigorous wash-bay and other practices to reduce the risk of weed and seed transfer and land disturbance
  • Providing 24-hour operations support including HSE guidance, incident management, fatigue management, crew changes and equipment servicing

For waste streams disposed at a NuGrow facility, you’re guaranteed the additional benefit of international leadership in waste recycling and reuse, turning your waste into greater economic and environmental value.

Our contracts are designed for flexibility, optimising your waste transport costs. This can include everything from 24-hour operations to on-call services. Depending on your needs, our operators can work as part of a wider operations team, including attending prestarts and toolboxes, or provide a collect-and-go service. With our team’s knowledge and client-service commitment, we can assist with all your waste requirements.

NuGrow’s waste transportation offer connects you with a streamlined, end-to-end service that is cost-effective, safe and efficient. For more information on our waste transportation solutions, please contact our team today.