World Environment Day is celebrated in June, and NuGrow has plenty of reasons to be proud of their contribution to saving our precious environment and promoting sustainable practices in all areas of their business.

Run by the United Nations, World Environment Day is an environmental awareness day that focuses on environmental concerns such as pollution, global warming, wildlife protection, recycling and sustainable food production. It’s a time to reflect on the challenges facing the environment and what each of us can do to protect it – a concept which NuGrow has very much at the core of its business.

NuGrow is Queensland’s leader in recycling and revegetation excellence, and are driven by their purpose of achieving healthier environments, supporting healthier communities globally. They do this by (1) Creating environmental, social and economic value via waste recycling and (2) Improving soil and waterway quality via erosion control and revegetation.

NuGrow is justifiably proud of the legacy they have added to over the years, contributing through their many and varied projects, to holistic environmental rehabilitation, improvements in soil quality and health and the diversion of more waste from landfill by creating alternatives to traditional waste management.

With projects as varied as recycling more than 3 million takeaway coffee cups traditionally sent to landfill each year in partnership with Queensland icon Merlo Coffee, to revegetating the 41km Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, to reducing the amount of harmful chemical fertiliser run off into the Great Barrier Reef, NuGrow’s projects address a broad spectrum of environmental issues, and solve a wide range of problems.

As well, NuGrow is committed to raising awareness of sustainable waste management and land revegetation practices. The company invests time and resources in research and development, and continually explores the latest innovations in waste and land management. Their key process of ‘innovate, test, measure and deliver’ keeps NuGrow at the leading edge of the industry and has established them as one of the leaders in their field.

NuGrow sets the highest standards across the board for waste recycling, compost manufacturing and revegetation services. Peter Thompson, NuGrow’s Chief Strategy Officer, said, “The circular economy concept is now understood and demanded by society with NuGrow leading the charge in re-using and recycling organic waste that in the past was just sent to landfill and buried.’’

NuGrow Revegetation Services’ General Manager, Ben Brown, summed up the company’s philosophy when he said, “Sustainable, high-quality outcomes in revegetation and landscaping are absolutely about the means as well as the ends.”

NuGrow will keep on doing their bit to actively solve environmental problems and raise awareness of environmental issues, helping to create a more sustainable future for our local communities.  And that’s definitely something to celebrate on World Environment Day.